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In the spring, geese instinctively fly in a V-shaped formation when they travel north. The flock all work together in unison. As each bird flaps its wings, it reduces the wind resistance on the bird behind it. Thus, each goose cuts an easier path for the one following it. This allows the geese to cover a greater distance than if each bird flew on its own. Some fly as far north as the Arctic Circle, and some as far south as Mexico. Amazingly, they can soar as high as twenty-nine thousand feet!

Interestingly, when the lead goose becomes weary, it drops back in the formation and allows another goose to fly point. The geese at the back of the formation honk to encourage those in front of them to keep going. The geese stay in their perfect V-shaped formation, and not one goose is left behind.

Just as God prepares geese for migration, He also takes care of his people as they journey through life here on earth. He never intended for us to "go on our journey through life alone." Through His grace we find comfort and strength, and He often uses other to love and encourage us. Since He cannot be seen, often His light shines best through people--through their caring, their listening, and their understanding.

Try coming alongside and "honking" to encourage someone who is feeling the force of turbulence in her life. And when you feel the harsh wind on your face and are weary from experiencing downdrafts, drop back in the formation for a while to receive encouragement from.

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