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CHURCH FELLOWSHIP LUNCH (CFL) “POTLUCK” Sunday, Nov 24, 2019 THEME: Asian Flavour (please DON’T FORGET to bring dishes of any kind from Filipino, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Malaysia, or any dish you want to bring) or if you don’t have any clue what to prepare for our POTLUCK SUNDAY please see listed ingredients by the hospitality table starting this coming Sunday and SIGN-UP on items you can bring. Merla & her team will take care of it . The Philippine Team will cook a delicious Asian dish using your contribution. ages 13 up: $10.00 * Children ages 6 to 12: $5.00 and *Children ages 5 and below are FREE.

ALL Proceeds will go to "Operation: Happy Noche Buena 2019”.

For more detailed info please see poster.

This project was started by Merla Pugh in December of 2000 in HongKong and

for the past years, Crossroads Pentecostal Assembly has helped her ontinue this ministry. Each year on the month of November we hold a Special Event called "Operation - Happy Noche Buena" wherein church people have a CHURCH FELLOWSHIP LUNCH. ALL Proceeds go to "Operation: Happy Noche Buena" so that every Christmas time Merla can buy groceries and prepare food baskets and distribute it to less fortunate families in the Philippines.

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