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A MOM'S MEMORY - by Margaret Bonville

When I took my four year old to a Christmas concert, he heard the Christmas story for the frist time. We were not church goers.

When he heard that Jesus was born in a manger, in a barn, because there was no room in the inn, the story teller had his full attention.

Suddenly, unable to hear any more, he stood up from the back of the church and in a voice that everyone could hear, he yelled out excitedly, 

"Bring Him to our house, we have lots of beds." That four year old is close to being a senior citizen himself today. That four year old is my son Dennis Bonville, a devoted Christian, husband and father!


On Christmas Eve of 1973 a miracle took place in my life. The liquid spirits of Christmas were replaced with the real spirit and the Christ in Christmas was made known to me.


Christmas for me now is music and singing, giving and receiving, more music and more singing.

It’s the annual old-fashioned Christmas concert in the church. The lights dim and the curtain parts, then three “wise men,” all of three feet tall, very seriously bear gifts to the baby Jesus, being cared for a young “Mary” and “Joseph.” All are clad in traditional eastern dress (bathrobes and blankets).

It is the singing of the Christmas music that I most enjoy. What a time we had a few seasons ago, as we went up and down the streets of our town singing carols! Nothing stands out in my memory more than the evening we sang for the senior citizens in their lodge. These people are so appreciative—not concerned with the quality of your talent, only at your willingness to be there. It is such a humbling and rewarding experience, words alone cannot explain it.

There is a motto which is often repeated at this time of year: “It is better to give than to receive.”

Trust me; give of yourself this Christmas and I guarantee you’ll receive more than you can possibly give.

MEMORIES OF CHRISTMAS - by Dennis Bonville

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